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Thomas Bosch about Metaorganism Research in Kiel

The CRC1182-series of interviews with the leading experts in the emerging field of metaorganism research this time features Professor Thomas Bosch of Kiel University in a conversation with biologist and science writer Bernhard Kegel who is the author of several popular books and has won numerous awards. They talk about how metaorganism research in Kiel started and how Bosch’s work with the model system Hydra helps to shed a light on the basic principles of host-microbe interactions.

The Bosch lab studies the intricate interactions within metaorganisms in a simple model system, the non-senescent cnidarian Hydra. Cnidarians represent a key transition in the evolution of animal complexity, and are therefore critical to understand not only the origins of developmental mechanisms and their role in more complex organisms including humans but also the impact of environmental factors such as microbial interactions on host performance.

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